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  • Coach Chris

"Eclipse" Day

It's "eclipse" day - officially called a "shadowing of the sun" - but I'm wondering if we have been living in an "eclipse" time here in the United States for awhile now. We have been pointing a lot at our current leadership, esp. the tweet master DJT, but I'm wondering if the shadow has been moving across our land in a void of leadership. I am just one person, but I know 100s of people - all ages, shapes, sizes, colors - who are loving, grace-filled, amazing people. I'm sure you do too!


So why aren't more of us leading? In our communities, neighborhoods - local, state, national? Why are we allowing the hate-filled, angry, destructive, negative and self-serving people lead? We are of native and immigrant heritage - we came from other lands and across this land - we built, grew, developed, created - we have an amazing, free Democracy that allows for all voices! Let's get out of the shadows, sit down and talk to our neighbors, build new bridges, strengthen our infrastructure, extend a hand to those in need and get back to being the "Real America" - the one that is a beautiful collage of people from all over the world. We are super strong together!


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