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Freedom is a privilege...

The last two years, I've been very engaged in the political process of this crazy democracy that we call the United States of America. I've listened to way too many talking heads trying to slice and dice what everyone is saying, writing, tweeting, posting and trying to give the best predictions of the winners. Now that we are one week away from putting a new person in the Presidential chair, I have come to the conclusion that the freedom we have to choose our leaders is an amazing privilege.

I got to cast my vote in freedom - no one held a gun to my head, stuffed the ballot box, paid me to vote a certain way nor changed my vote after it was cast. I was one of millions who walked in and out of the voting booth with no problem. The sad thing for me is that this freedom does not unite our country but continues to divide. Millions of dollars are spent to elect a group of people who want to have the power chair - it's not just the POTUS but the "party" - and there are only two to choose from - how sad.

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