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About Coach Chris

Former hall of fame coach and 40+ year educator, Chris is a premier success coach who has devoted four decades to helping people reach their full potential. The coaching sessions are confidential and allow you to gain valuable insights and direction. Coach Chris doesn’t give the solutions, rather she will walk with you as you make the decisions and changes that are right for you. She will help you access the tools you need to adapt and ultimately overcome various situations in your personal and business life.


As a personal and corporate coach, Dr. Accornero’s commitment is to invest in the lives of others in a way that helps them advance in the fullness of their voice, value and vision. She is a person of many interests, wide education, and a variety of occupational experiences.


Foundational preparation for coaching began as a three sport athlete, in volleyball, basketball and softball, and as an assistant coach in volleyball for UCLA. Coach Accornero went on to coach volleyball for many years and is now a member of the UCSB Athletic Hall of Fame, having coached her team to two third-place NCAA national championships.


Her current work allows her to interact with a variety of organizations and diverse workplace cultures, especially in urban contexts. Of special interest are organizations who work with at-risk populations and invest back into their communities.


Dr. Accornero credentials include:


Master Deep Transformational Coach – The Center for Transformational Coaching – Deep Coaching Institute –


Associate Certified Coach– International Coach Federation –

Advanced Coach Training Certification – The International Coaching Academy –


Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies – Fuller Theological Seminary


"Chris has a true gift for coaching. She knows when to ask questions, just the right questions to ask, and when to offer insight or perspective of her own. I have been working with Chris for over 10 years, and although my life has evolved and changed in significant ways, she has provided constant, steady, and impactful guidance. Chris puts forth tremendous effort to get to know those with whom she works. She makes people feel safe and comfortable, and by extension facilitates open and honest dialogue that gets the the "heart of the matter." There have been many times when I did not know going into the conversation what the "heart of the matter" was, but in the context of a 45-60 minute conversation I was blessed with clarity, direction, encouragement, and action items when appropriate. Because Chris gets to know each individual for who she/he is, she can offer coaching for any area of life. She knows the whole person and believes that each area of our lives is connected. I have grown spiritually, emotionally, and have made considerable progress in my career journey. Chris has played a large role in this!"     ---- Kevin

"For several years I had wanted to make some significant changes in my life both personally and professionally but I found I was “frustrating stuck”.  I felt like I was in some type of deep mud pit..... the harder I tried and struggled the deeper I sank.  Spending time with Chris was life changing.  She helped me “see” how I was contributing to the stuck process and the various boundaries of my own making.  I was unsure how I would feel about coaching sessions over the phone, but I found I loved it.   Coaching via phone eliminated outside visual distractions and I could stay focused.   It was also easier to carve out 45 min or an hour for a session since I did not have to include travel time.  What I like best about Chris’ coaching style is that my time with her is so empowering.  She does not “tell” or “direct” me on what to do, but rather she asks just the right questions that helps me uncover the speed bumps of my own making and then continues to ask transformational questions that helps me come up with my own go forward plan.   As changes took place, Chris celebrated with me and helped me build on the forward momentum .   Chris helped me get to where I wanted to be and in the process of doing so I walked away with tools and skills that empowers me to continue to change, grow and reach my goals.   Thanks Chris for providing a safe, peaceful engaging space that allowed me to find what I was looking for!”    ---- Maria

"Frankly speaking, I did not know the power of life coaching until I got to see and hear Chris Accornero in real time practice. I got up one day with some issues that brought me to a state of fear, disbelief, disappointment, discouragement, and vulnerability. I was praying and completely feeling powerless over the situation. Just like God was guiding me, I called Chris and explained what was going on. The energy I got from our short session was everything to counter what I was going through. You just hear this calm voice just listening and only asking one or two questions only to clarify what she thought she was hearing. Within a short time of phone call, my situation was completely the opposite of what I was feeling a few minutes before. That short talk moved me from not only that situation but also it became a reference to my daily life situations. This life needs life-coaches like Chris, who with her intelligence, wisdom, and skills help not only to realize the power within, but also how to apply it to our daily lives. I will forever be grateful for that moment. Chris, God is truly using you for a great purpose."     ---- Eve


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