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Value, Voice, Vision

Being welcomed into a human community at birth gives us all a beginning of intrinsic value. Over the years, our understanding develops and we learn how the world works – in our family culture and the wider culture around us. The many things we learn come in a variety of packages, some even as . . .


Whether we are speaking, singing, giving an opinion, expressing love or other emotions, our declaration­­s through voice are powerful reflections of our inner self. It is common to have someone in coaching who is voiceless, not able to fully express themselves or maybe doesn’t even know . . .  


A vision, a dream, an idea, or an imagination is such a beautiful, power thing. The transforming process takes someone from inner reflection and finding self-worth, to finding their voice and moving into a place where they might begin to dream. One of the most beautiful ways to explain this type of . . .

About Coach Chris

About Coach Chris

Former hall of fame coach and 40+ year educator, Chris is a premier success coach who has devoted four decades to helping people reach their full potential. The coaching sessions are confidential and allow you to gain valuable insights and direction. Coach Chris doesn’t give the solutions, rather she will walk with you as you make the decisions and changes that are right for you. She will help you access the tools you need to adapt and ultimately overcome various situations in your personal and business life.


As a personal and corporate coach, Dr. Accornero’s commitment is to invest in the lives of others in a way that helps them advance in the fullness of their voice, value and vision. She is a person of many interests, wide education, and a variety of occupational experiences.

Coffee time with Coach Chris

Coffee Time with Coach Chris  

I love coffee time with friends, old and new. How about meeting me for a virtual cup and a conversation?

Let's find a common time to share our stories.

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